Handmade Bases

All of our bases are handmade in-house, in small batches at the time they are ordered.  This means that the product you purchase is pretty much made just for you!  How special is that?

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  • Bar Soaps

    The difference between melt & pour bases, and rebatch is the amount of glycerin that is used during the manfuacturing process of the soap.  Melt & pour contain a high amount of glycerin, whereas rebatch bars are more of a typical bar of soap.

  • Bath Products

    All our liquid soaps are made the "old fashion" way, with pot ash and oils.  All are free of: SLS, surfactants, preservatives, dyes, and everything else that you don't see on their ingredient lists.  Our handcrafted bubble bath is super "clean" as well and creates a great tub of bubbles!

  • Body Care

    Our wholesale lotions and skin care products are designed to provide that skin nourishing feeling that lasts all day long.

  • Hair Care

    We love our hair care bases, and think that you will too!  Free of SLS, parabens, fragrance oils and dyes, what's not to love about that?

  • Mineral Make Up

    Not all mineral cosmetics are created equal.  Give ours a try and we think you will agree.

  • Tea

    Oooh, the world of tea is awesome and seem to be totally endless of the natural benefits these blends can bring our bodies.

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Showing 109 - 116 of 116 items
Showing 109 - 116 of 116 items