Need hardware or packaging to get your crafting project accomplished?  You've come to the right place!

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  • Bags, & Bands

    Check out our supply of shrink bags & bands as well as an assorment of muslin and sisal, and other bags!

  • Bottles & Tubes

    Need a bottle, or two?  Check out our inventory below.  All bottles are ordered by the "eaches" - and all come with a specific cap, unless noted in the listing.

  • Hardware & Tools

    Soap making tools, that help you make soap (and other toiletries) come out perfect every time!

  • Jars

    Need a jar to make your finished product look professional and stylish?  Take a look at our selection below.  They are all sold by the "eaches" meaning you can order 1 jar, or several.  Each come with the lid as pictured in the listing.

  • Mineral Brushes

    High quality make up brushes give your mineral products a stylish look!

  • Molds

    Our high quality soap molds work great for melt & pour bases.

  • Other Packaging

    Green tape, bottle droppers, cording, and more can be found in this category link to create that final, finished-looking presentation.

  • Tins

    Tins are currently extremely "hip" and popular for packaging up salves and lip balms.  Check out our supply!

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  • Starting at $7.95 In Stock

    A perfect tool for slicing either cold process or melt & pour soaps! It creates a wavy edge, giving your finished product a creative touch! Heavy duty, so it can cut thru cold process soap that is somewhat cured.

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  • Starting at $9.00 In Stock

    These cute wooden crates make an excellent gift box designed to hold whatever the creator wishes!

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  • Starting at $0.85 In Stock

    Cute and small - these wooden scoops will scoop about 1-2 ounces of product. For more information,

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Showing 37 - 39 of 39 items