Shipping Times:

We are currently packing orders from July 30th, and shipping most orders from July 29th.

If your order date is listed in the above packing or shipping schedule, it can no longer be canceled.

Terms and Conditions

Order Cancellation, Additions & Changes

Because each item within your order is hand-packed or made fresh just for you, orders that are canceled after they have gone to fulfillment will incur a 25% cancellation fee. To request a cancellation of a current pending shipment order, please email If your order hasn't been put into the fulfillment center, no charge will be incurred. Orders cannot be canceled once they have gone to our shipping center. Our website will send an order confirmation to the e-mail account that you provide us at checkout. Please take a moment to verify that all the information you have sent us, is correct. Your order will be shipped to the exact address you provided us, so if you made an error … please take a moment to let us know.

If your box is returned back to us as undeliverable, we will contact you to collect the correct shipping address and re-bill you for the shipping fees. FedEx and USPS both require new postage to be affixed to the re-shipped box, this will be covered at the customer's expense. If you decide you do not want the box re-shipped to you, the product total will be issued back to your payment method less a 25% restocking fee to cover administrative expenses. No shipping fees will be reimbursed, as they have already been "used up" when the box was originally shipped.

Shipping Times

Our current date we are shipping from is always posted on the homepage of our website. We ship orders by the date series as they come in. Please do not ask us to "quick ship" items ahead of others who have been patiently waiting. Doing this actually slows down our internal packing systems, and makes those waiting … wait even longer. An email containing tracking information will be sent to you once your package(s) have been shipped. If you receive more than one tracking e-mail, this most likely means you have more than one box coming, so please save all of them. Instructions are provided within these e-mails on how to track your box(es) as they move through the carrier's system.

You can view your shipping costs before confirming your order. Some items cannot be shipped by US mail either because of their size or their "flashpoint" of the product. Those products have to be shipped by FedEx. Our cart is super smart and will know how to ship your items the safest way possible. We mention this because FedEx ground is sometimes not the fastest form of shipping, however, its the only way some items can be shipped. We ship from Oregon, so transit times will vary depending upon how far you live from us. The information is provided below so you will have an estimated idea of arrival times once your parcel has shipped:

If you are a U.S. Customer or live within a U.S. Occupied Territory: US Priority Mail is generally received within 2-3 business days after the parcel has been released into the hands of the US Postal System. They do not guarantee their delivery times, but in our experience, they do a decent job of meeting their target delivery dates. US military bases who are located outside of the US: The above information applies, except that your parcel will be delivered by the US Postal Service within 2-3 business days to the military, who will then forward the shipment to you based on their timeframe.

FedEx Shipments: Once your parcel has been released into the FedEx system, your delivery times will be as follows, based on the map below:

Hot Pink (West Coast): Delivers the next business day
Light Blue: 2 business days
Orange: 3 business days
Green: 4 business days
Magenta (East Coast): 5 business days

International Customers: We ship international shipments by FedEx. Delivery time is based on the speed you select at checkout.  Please note that all custom/brokerage fees are the customer's responsibility, based on whatever your country will charge.

Damaged Freight / Lost Packages

Although every effort is made to ensure a safe delivery, sometimes an order is damaged during shipment. We want to know if something arrives to you in a damaged condition. To begin the process, we will require that you take pictures of the damaged product(s), and box material if relevant. These pictures can be taken from a cell phone and texted to: 971-888-0279 (please include your invoice number in the body of the text). This phone is a text-only center, and messages left there will not be returned, if you need to contact us about your damage claim, please use our customer service number located at the top of our website.

You may also e-mail your damaged freight pictures to Please include your invoice number and the name that the order was placed on, and do provide us with as much detail that relates to the products damaged.  Organic Creations reserves the right to issues partial credits/re-sends based on the level of damage.

Lost packages at the hands of a carrier are indeed a bummer.  We get that!  As the shipper, we are not responsible for parcels that we have correctly shipped. If your parcel becomes lost, please email us and we will contact the carrier to open a claim.  Ultimately, however, it is the carrier's decision on they wish to handle the claim.  If they accept responsibility, we will work out the details on getting a new shipment to you.  If they do not accept responsibility, this issue is between you and the carrier.  Organic Creations does not provide refunds, credits or resends on parcels that were correctly shipped from our facility without the carrier accepting responsibility - this includes stolen parcels.  If you are worried about this topic, it is our suggestion that you select FedEx at checkout.  They are very good at tracing lost parcels.  USPS typically accepts no responsibility or liability, so though their shipping is cheaper, it is certainly riskier.

When using a customer provided FedEx or UPS account number, please note that the liability for damaged shipments rests on the account holder.  This means if you have Organic Creations ship via your account, we cannot file a claim or re-ship products as we are not authorized to speak to FedEx on your account.

Returns and/or Incorrect Items Shipped

Because of the nature of the products we sell, we do not accept returns for any reason unless it was a packaging error on our part. If you received an incorrectly issued item, please contact us right away at barb@organic-creations. com with as much detail as possible to facilitate our internal processes of correcting this issue for you. Items that are mailed back to us without receiving a proper Return Authorization number from Organic Creations will be discarded and a refund will not be granted.  All returns, incorrectly shipped items or items not received need to be worked out within 30 days of receiving your parcel according to shipper's delivery date.

Back Orders / Discontinued Items

We strive to keep our inventory "in stock" at all times. However, from time to time we do run into product shortages. If this happens to an item you ordered, we will notify you of the shortage with a backorder notice placed inside your box that contains the balance of your shipment. If the product on backorder is due to our warehouse within a week's time of your initial shipment, we will ship that backordered item at our expense as soon as it has been received to our warehouse. A separate tracking e-mail will be generated and sent to you. If one item constitutes as your whole order, and that one item is out of stock we will e-mail you with the option of a backorder or a full refund.

Backordered or discontinued items that cannot be shipped within one week of your initial shipment leaving our facility will be immediately credited back to your payment method with any unused shipping fees.

Packaging Process

For orders shipped within the connected 48 states, you will receive your essential oils packaged in glass up to the 16oz. size.  Sizes beyond that are shipped in plastic, for safety reasons. Orders outside of the connected 48 states, all bottles no matter their contents will be shipped in plastic.  Fragrance oils are always packaged in plastic.

Our bottles are filled by volume, not by weight. This means if you order a 16oz. bottle of product, you will receive a 16oz. bottle filled to normal capacity based on the size of the bottle.  If you need to know the weight of the product inside the bottle - please work out those details by either phone, chat program, or email.  We will be happy to give you the product weight.

Products filled into jars, or baggies are filled by weight of product.

When placing an order through our website, by phone or email you are agreeing that our packaging terms are acceptable to your needs.

Will Call / Local Pick Up: Vancouver, Washington.

Will Call is designed for local customers or those who will be visiting Washington and want to pick up their order at our facility. Selecting this option at checkout will remove all shipping fees from your order. Once your order has been fulfilled and is ready for pick-up, we will notify you first via e-mail then phone call if our emails go unanswered. If you provide us with a shipping address that is outside Oregon or Washington we will assume that you selected this option in error and shipping fees will be added to your order, unless you provide us clear instructions in the comment section at checkout that you do intend to locally pick up your order.

Our normal Will Call hours are Monday – Friday, 9am to 4pm with a few exceptions throughout the year. We will provide those exceptions, if necessary via e-mail when your order is ready to be picked up. Please do not visit our facility until you have been notified that your order is ready for pick up. We do not accept "walk in" orders, all orders must be placed in advance through either the website, phone, or by email.

Will Call orders that are not picked up within 30 days of being notified ready, will receive a 50% refund back to the payment method used at checkout. If you need more time to pick up your order, please e-mail us at, otherwise, the 50% refund will be posted back to the customers payment method, 30 days from "order ready" notice being emailed to the email account provided us by the customer.

Payment Terms

We accept the following credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. We also accept all forms of Paypal payments, including their e-check system. Please visit the Paypal website, for more information on the products that they offer. If you wish to pay via regular "snail" mail, we accept money orders, cashiers checks and personal checks. Please note that we will place a 10 business day hold on all orders that are paid with a personal check through the mail. The hold starts on the day your check has been deposited into our bank account. Once we have approval from our bank that your check has cleared your account, we will e-mail you a shipping notice and your products will then be released.

We do not put a hold on orders paid by cashier's check or money order, those will ship as soon as your payment has been received and verified by our bank.


Please be aware that when purchasing certified organic botanical and herbs, they can be subject to insect infestation.  Largely this is due to how certified organic crops have to be handled. 

Conventional (or not organic herbs) are typically irradiated with low doses of radiation which kills larva, bacteria and any current infestation.  Certified organic herbs cannot be exposed to radiation and the NOP provides very few methods of cleaning botanicals, typically mild soap and water which does little to reduce natural infestation.

Because of the non-invasive methods used in organic farming, it is expected that your product may not stay pest free.  The product sent to you should be pest free from visible growth, but that may change with time.  We always recommend freezing your herbs which help reduce this issue.  Never store herbs in a warm location and when possible, transfer them into Tupperware like containers.

If your product is found to contain pests within 30 days of purchase, please send us pictures by email. We will gladly work out the details of a refund.  Anything past 30 days is beyond our policy guidelines and is the sole responsibility of the purchaser.  We are only liable for the cost of the infested product, no other expenses will be honored.


The material displayed on this website is provided without any guarantees, conditions or warranties as to its accuracy. Organic Creations, Inc. ("Our, Us, or We") warrants that the goods sold will perform to their descriptions when used correctly, and in accordance to the manufacture's stated guidelines of use. No other warranty is provided. Once the purchased products have left Our facility, Organic Creations, Inc. is no longer liable for any incidental or consequential damage that is incurred while formulating or otherwise using our products. This includes lost profits, or injury to business reputation or goodwill that are caused by, related to, or those that arise out of any of the goods purchased, their use or their failure. If you believe that You (Customer) has received a defective product, then Your recovery options are limited to the following: (1) Organic Creations, Inc. will replace the item at Our expense once the product has been deemed by Organic Creations, Inc. as defective. Until it has been deemed defective by Us, no recovery options apply. (2) We will apply a credit back to the customer payment method for the cost of the product only, no shipping fees will be reimbursed since those funds are owned by the private carrier or postal system that delivered your order.

We will never reimburse for any product, even if found defective by Us, over the cost of the item.

Your recovery options are limited to 30 days after You've received Your products. We must receive Your statement in writing within that timeframe, making us aware of the alleged defective nature of the goods You received. We will make Our determining rule within 10 days from receiving Your correspondence. Evidence will be requested by Us so that we can make a determination on the alleged defectiveness of Your item. Our ruling is final and shall not be disputed. If the product has been discarded by You, no recovery options by Us will be considered.

We are providing the information on this website (this website's "Content") for informational and educational purposes only, and the Content herein is not intended to and does not provide medical advice, professional diagnosis, treatment or services. Nothing herein should be construed as rendering a determination of medical necessity or appropriateness of proposed treatment for any ailment. The Content has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

We are not trained medical staff. All medical-related questions, including how to use our products for personal use, should be directed to your primary care physician. When ordering from our website, the above policies are agreed to at checkout, and are binding.

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