Our Company

We are a small, family run company who thoroughly enjoys what we do ... and that's helping people discover the fun of making their own natural beauty care products for either personal or professional use.

Only forty years ago, we were taught by professionals that our skin was a nearly perfect barrier that prevented chemicals from entering our bodies. But now we know differently -- as the drug companies have come up with new concepts of "patches" that are placed on the skin, and the drugs are quickly absorbed into the body.

So now that we know our skin is a wonderful channel directly into our bodies - we must take care and watch what types of products we stick on our skin. Very much the same way we must watch the types of food we consume. Our liver has to process not only the food we ingest, but the products we apply topically as well!

The cosmetic companies are slowly catching up to speed by adding more natural ingredients into their formulas, however, many are still filled with chemicals and phenol (which is obtained from coal tar and has been reported to be toxic when applied topically).

But all this aside, making your own natural products is not only enjoyable ... but you can customize your end result to match your specific need.

If you need any help in achieving your goal - just email us. We love to help!