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Anise Star EO Water

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Anise Star essential water can be used in any recipe that requires the scent and therapeutic value of Anise Star essential oil, simply replace your recipes water content in full - or in part - with this floral water.

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We manufacture our EO waters with the formulator in mind.  Its not designed as a finished product, but rather an ingredient to be added to soaps, lotions, and other cosmetic recipes where the scent and therapeutic value of Anise Star essential oil is sought.

For the most part, our EO waters are clear to nearly transparent, which is a benefit for those recipes where your finished product needs that type of presentation.

We are often asked the different between our EO waters and our hydrosol waters.  Here's the breakdown:

  • EO Waters hold a slightly longer shelf life vs. the shorter shelf life of hydrosol waters.
  • EO Waters are significantly cheaper per pound than hydrosol waters.
  • EO Waters most often smell truer to the essential oil scent than hydrosol waters.
  • EO Waters are more concentrated and can often be diluted down with additional water and still retain a level of scent in your finished product.
  • EO Waters are not organically certified, whereas our hydrosol waters are.
  • EO Waters are not steam distilled, hydrosol waters are.

This black licorice smelling floral water holds a medium to strong scent which will be passed into your water based formulations or into the water phase of your recipe.

Usage ratio: You can replace all or part of the water content in your formulation with this ingredient.  If you find your finished product "too strong" -- add more water or additional water soluble ingredients (like aloe vera juice).  Can be used directly on the skin, at full strength (for instance, a body spray). As with any ingredient, we suggest performing a patch test for any sensitivity issues.

INCI: Water, wildharvested Illicium verum (anise star) essential Oil, decyl glucoside (and) grain alcohol.

External Use Only.

This product does not contain nor need any preservative if used within 4 months of purchase date. If you need your product to last longer, we suggest you add a preservative upon arrival, or have us add Cosmocil CQ for you (continue reading).

Cosmocil CQ Addition:  If you would like an optional preservative added to your water, please first select your bottle size, then using the pull down menu, select "yes" under Add Cosmocil CQ.  A fee will be added to your base cost.

If you would like more information on Cosmocil CQ, please visit this link:

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5 Gallon 40 lbs.
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