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Sodium Benzoate

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A lot of "scary" information has been posted on the web about this ingredient.  However, if we are look at the scientific data/research that has been done by reputable companies such as: The EWG (Skin Deep Network), Whole Foods, Ecocert (a private company who certifies organic cosmetics), and The Cosmetic Ingredient Review we can conclude that all of these companies have determined that this ingredient is safe to be used in cosmetics at a ratio of up to 1% concentration.  The websites that focus on this ingredient as being a negative additive, are simply not taking into account the recommended usage guidelines.

Sodium benzoate is a food-grade preservative that is used mostly in acidic consumables, such as salad dressings, carbonated drinks, and fruit juices. Because it works so well in an acidic environment (or low pH), we do recommend this for formulations that fall within the 3-6 pH range.  It holds proven anti-fungal results, but has poor pseudomonads results.  To counter this downfall, it is often paired with potassium sorbate to create a broad spectrum system.

In short, if your formulation is low on the pH scale: this preservative (paired with potassium sorbate) would be our recommendation.  Just make sure to keep it at the 1% or less recommended ratio.

If your recipe calls for L-Ascorbic Acid, this preservative should not be used, there is incompatibility issues.

This product is suitable for vegans.  It contains no animal products, nor has it come into contact with animal derived ingredients during the manufacturing process.

Water soluble. Non-GMO. Free flowing, white prills.

INCI: Sodium Benzoate

Cultivation GMO Free
Misc. Information ECOCert Approved For Organic Formulations
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