Sweet Almond Oil, Organic (Unrefined)

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With good reason, sweet almond is one of the most popular of all carrier oils. With its fine texture, this oil will leave your skin feeling satiny smooth without that "greasy feeling." It's a fast penetrating oil that stays on the skin long enough to get in a good massage or to hydrate the outer skin layers before sinking in.  Its terrific for the relief of dry, irritated skin, which makes this oil a perfect choice for lotion, fizzy bath bombs, and just about any other cosmetic recipe that one can think up.

I use this oil as an all natural make-up remover/skin cleanser.  A few drops on a cotton ball of just about any carrier oil will cleanses your skin and leave it feeling fresh, smooth and not chemically stripped down.  I'm not sure at what point our society bought into the concept that oil is bad for our skin and that we needed was super cleansers to strip away our bodies natural oils.  Natural oils clean and moisturize ... give it a try, you just might like it.

This oil is unrefined, and holds the natural scent of sweet almonds.  The scent is divine, but certainly strong - so please consider this before ordering. Being an unrefined oil, it also tends to hold a slightly darker color than refined oils do.

INCI: Prunus amygdalus dulcis (sweet almond) oil

Pack Size Approx. Product Weight
1/2 gallon 3.13 lbs.
1 Gallon 7.11 lbs.
5 Gallon 38 lbs.
Cultivation Certified Organic, Non-Irradiated, GMO Free
Extraction Method Unrefined, Virgin, Cold Pressed
Misc. Information 100% Pure and Undiluted
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