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Welcome to Organic Creations!

BallyHoo Betty invites you to explore her high-quality pre-made, unscented bases and her extensive hand-picked ingredients for home & business soapers. Most of our products are food-grade and can be used for cooking, as well as cosmetic purposes. We test all of our products to ensure they provide an excellent end result, no matter how you wish to use them. If you have any questions about our ingredients, please email us at: Organic Creations

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     Wholesale Bases, Designed To Increase Your Bottom Line!

Each of our five bath salt blends are designed to entice your customers senses!

Release, Balance, Peace, Energy, & Inspire

Whether you are looking for a side income, a career change, or already have an established skin care business - we invite you to check out our pre-made, bulk bases. They have been handcrafted with our own high quality ingredients, and are ready for your creative finishing touches. Repack them under your own business name, set your pricing and go find your target audience! If a business venture is not in your immediate future, our bulk bases are an excellent way to cover your entire gift giving list. We also sell these items in retail sizes, for those seeking only to use them at a personal level. Check them out: Click HERE to Visit our Wholesale Bases!

Service Comes Naturally ...

* Often suppliers use heat methods to pack their fixed oils and butters. We've seen first hand what that can do to quality -- gritty, grainy butters that are not pretty, nor are they any fun to work with.

Here at Organic Creations, we hand cut our products to ensure the best quality possible. We also pack your order at the time its placed, guaranteeing that its fresh and clean. This does mean that it can take a bit longer for your products to arrive, but we feel that hand packed items are worth the wait. Our typical shipping time is 2-3 business days from date of order.

* Got a question? We answer all emails promptly ... we promise!

* We add a free product sample, of our selection to each order.

From the way we live our daily lives, to the way we run our business on the farm, we strive that each thing we do (or not do), will be a benefit to the earth.

We are a packing peanut recycling center, meaning we locally gather all the "unwanted" packing material and re-use it. We hope that when you receive your box, you will be able to re-use the packing products and continue the REcycle. We mention this, because some of the packing material you receive may not be very "Earth friendly," and we want you to know it wasn't initially purchased by us but we feel we've found a way to at least reuse those products which would have already been thrown into the landfills.

We thank you for your valued business and hope that together, we can use natures products in a positive manner!