Pink, Unrefined, Fine Grain Sea Salt, Organic - 1oz.

Pink, Unrefined, Fine Grain Sea Salt

1 oz.


This salt is just simply fun to look at! It holds a naturally light pink tone, and makes a wonderful addition to body scrub recipes - especially facial scrubs.

This salt gets it 'pinkish' appearances and dark flecks from the more than 50 natural minerals it holds. It has not been refined by bleaching or heat processing, and it has no additives (no iodine or anti-caking agents) - it is just simply ..... natural salt.

This product is food-grade quality and makes a wonderful alternative to what we call 'table salt' as this product is rich in natural trace minerals, something that other salts have had stripped away from refining methods. And, to me, it simply tastes better than regular salt - give it a try and see for yourself.

This salt is as 'organic' as you can get, it just hasn't been certified by a 3rd party certification company.


Pink, Unrefined, Fine Grain Sea Salt, Organic  - 1oz.