Castile Extra Thick Unscented Base - 32oz.

Castile Extra Thick Unscented Base


32 oz.


In times past, castile soap was made from nothing but olive oil and potassium hydroxide (lye). It was used as a baby shampoo & wash, or for those with extra dry, or sensitive skin.

Today, the term "castile" soap has been slightly changed to mean a product made with lots of oils, including olive oil. Our product, however, sticks to old tradition with only a slight addition of a small amount of coconut oil to provide this base with a little more lather than a one hundred percent olive oil based soap would contain.

This product is thick, meaning it has "body" to it, so that it doesn't just slip through your fingers, like some natural soaps do. It's light yellow in color, due to the high amount of pure olive oil that we use during the manufacturing process. This base can be scented with either fragrance oils or essential oils, however some clouding of the base may occur from certain types of scents being added ... your own personal testing would need to be performed as to any clouding that may (or may not) occur.

A few creative ideas for this liquid base are as follows:

*Add seeds, pumice powder, ground walnut or apricot shells and you have a body / facial scrub.  Just remember to use the "lightest weight" product you can find, so that the bits don't sink to the bottom of your jar.

*Thin this base down with water or hydrosol waters and you have a thinner version -- that is slightly scented (if you use hydrosol waters).

*Add small amounts of silk amino acids, wheat protein, oat protein, etc. for a customized soap that is even kinder to the skin. 

*Use as-is, with fragrance or essential oils for a wonderfully thick shower gel.

*Add a cosmetic gel colorant and suspend glitter into the base, kids love it this way!


Because this base is made with a high percentage of olive oil, it doesn't build tremendously high amounts of lather on its own (it does lather, however). Try a pouf, netting or sea sponge and you'll be pleased with its lathering ability.

 Remember ... this is a natural soap - so it will sting your eyes if it comes in contact with them.  So use caution in that regard.

Ingredients: Filtered water, saponified oils of olive oil, and coconut oil. Retained glycerin, and cellulose (plant based).


Castile Extra Thick Unscented Base - 32oz.