Castile Melt & Pour Soap Base - 1 Pound

Castile Melt & Pour Soap Base

1 Lb. Bar

This castile soap base is one of the purest and most natural products you can find. Ready to melt, scent, color, mold and be used in less than a few hours. Or, slice it up and use it as-is. Either way, this soap has a high olive oil content (we use 30% extra-virgin olive oil) meaning this soap is extra kind and gentle to the skin, and qualifies as a real castile soap!  It will leave you feeling naturally soft and not chemically stripped.

 A few add on items to consider when purchasing melt & pour soaps:

  * Mold(s) ... for molding your soap.

  * Colorants .... for coloring, of course!  You can use iron oxides, ultramarines - or check through our vast botanical additives and look for powders that will "bleed" a color into your soaps.  Most listings will give a brief explanation on how to use them as colorants.  If you have a question - always feel free to email us.

  * Scents - If you want your soap to be all natural, check out our essential oil list.  If you don't mind synthetic scents that smell great, check out our fragrance oils.

Soaping has never been so easy!!

 Gluten free!

Ingredients: saponified oils of (extra virgin olive oil, palm, and safflower), glycerin, purified water, sorbitol (a humectant derived from berries), sorbitan oleate (an emulsifier derived from sorbitol see above), oat protein, and titanium dioxide (a natural mineral whitener used to give the soap its white base color).


Castile Melt & Pour Soap Base - 1 Pound