Lotion Making Kit - Create Your Own Lotions!

Make Your Own: Customized Lotion!


This kit will supply you with all the ingredients needed (except water) to make your own all-natural, lotion that you can customize to fit your own unique skin issues. This lotion is slightly thinner than our shea butter cream kit, but by no means a thin lotion - as it still holds a full bodied texture. It is also very easy to change the finished feel of this lotion as well as the skin healing benefits, by simply changing the oil type in the recipe.

Do you have birthday gifts coming up? Remember, people love to receive homemade products! Get started now, and be a pro by Christmas! :-)

This kit includes:
  • 1/2 Pound Citric Acid
  • 8oz. Glycerin (veggie based)
  • 1/2 Pound Stearic Acid (veggie based)
  • 1/2 Pound Emulsifying Wax (veggie based)
  • 8oz. Sweet Almond Oil
  • 8oz. Grape Seed Oil
  • 8oz. Apricot Kernel Oil
  • 1oz. Lincoserve (a non-formaldehyde donor preservative that is naturally derived)
  • 1 oz. Sweet Orange Essential Oil
  • 1oz. Vanilla Fragrance Oil
  • Recipe with instructions for making your own customized lotion base
  • (4) 16oz. opaque bottles with a white, flip top lid


PLEASE READ BEFORE PURCHASING THIS KIT:  Some of the measurements in this recipe are in ounces to ensure proper ratios between the emulsifiers and oils to bring the ingredients into a lotion consistency. If you do NOT have a digital kitchen scale to weigh these items I have provided alternative measurements in the recipe which will use standard cooking utensils like cups and teaspoons (that you provide) but the consistency will most likely vary from batch to batch. If you intend to make lotions (or other homemade products) on an on-going basis, you will need to invest in a good digital scale that weighs down to the .1 ounce and that has a "tare" function.

You will also need some sort of a blending tool.  The best one we can recommend is often called: drink blender, blending stick, stick blender, emulsion blender, etc.  They are available at any store that is comparable to Wal Mart.  You don't need this tool per say, but you do need a stirring aide (like a hand mixer or blender) and this type of tool makes the absolute best types of lotions.  Hand stirring a kit together, really isn't an option.

Lastly, while the kit is shipping to you - pick up a gallon of distilled water from any grocery store.  Make sure it reads "distilled" on the label, it will help your lotion last much longer.  You really cannot use tap water and have your lotion last every long on the shelf.

The amount of supplies in this kit will make approximately 130 oz. of lotion (or 3 batches based on the recipe provided). As a bonus, you will have some ingredients left over which can easily be used in other lotion recipes found online or create your own!


Lotion Making Kit - Create Your Own Lotions!