Castile Undiluted Liquid Soap Base - 1 Pound

Undiluted Liquid Castile Soap Base

1 Pound


This is our undiluted soap paste for making your own natural liquid soaps.  This base is NOT a finished product - please read below.

This paste is the exact same base we use to make our extra thick castile shower gel liquid soap, but by purchasing it in its raw, undiluted form you not only save on shipping fees, but you can also customize your finished product to a thickness to suit your need.

All you will need to do is add distilled water (supplied by you), and borax (supplied by us) and allow the soap paste to simmer in the water until it dissolves. A detailed instruction sheet on how to properly dilute our soap base will be included, but its quite easy!

To finish this soap as a SUPER THICK shower gel, you will need 2-3 pounds of base to make 1 gallon of diluted liquid soap. If you wish a thinner soap, then 2-3 pounds of soap paste will produce much more finished soap (depending upon the amount of distilled water you add to thin the base down).

As mentioned above, this soap makes the exact product as our extra thick shower gel, so we've added that description below so you can see what your finished product can be used for. Please remember however, that the addition of extra water will produce a different texture but the ingredients are the exact same:

In times past, castile soap was made from nothing but olive oil and potassium hydroxide (lye). It was used as a baby shampoo & wash, or for those with extra dry, or sensitive skin.

Today, the term "castile" soap has been slightly changed to mean a product made with lots of oils, including olive oil. Our product, however, sticks to old tradition with only a slight addition of a small amount of coconut oil to provide this base with a little more lather than a one hundred percent olive oil based soap would contain.

It's naturally light greenish in color, due to the high amount of pure olive oil. This base can be scented with small amounts of essential oils, however some thinning may occur depending upon the type and amount of essential oil that you add. It can also be scented with almost any fragrance oil with little to no effect on its consistency but some may cloud the color, especially fragrance oils like strawberry would color the base a red-tone. To scent with either essential or fragrance oil, simply add the desired amount of scent to the cold base and stir very well. Clouding and thinning may occur, but allow it to sit uncovered for several hours - it will generally clear up and reset.

Some of my customers have used this in the following ways:

*Add seeds, pumice powder, ground walnut or apricot shells and you have a body / facial scrub.

*Thin this base down with either plain distilled water and you have a castile soap that you can run through a pump.

*Add small amounts of infused herbal waters and you have a custom body care or facial wash. Please remember this is soap and it WILL sting the eyes!

*Use as-is, with fragrance or essential oils for a wonderfully thick shower gel or natural shampoo.

*Add a cosmetic gel colorant and suspend glitter and package it as a childrens' product. It suspends glitter, beautifully!

Because this base is made with a high percentage of olive oil, it doesn't build high amounts of lather on its own (it does lather, however). Try a pouf or sea sponge and you'll be pleased with its lathering ability.

Ingredients: Filtered water, saponified oils of olive oil, and coconut oil.  Retained glycerin and borax (optional if you chose to add it or not).


Castile Undiluted Liquid Soap Base - 1 Pound