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Acacia Gum Powder (On Closeout!)

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Used in the food industry for manufacturing a host of edibles (ice cream, yogurt, pudding, etc.) ... acacia gum also has a place within the beauty care industry for a very similar task of holding together, or "gel-ing" ingredients. It can be used as a co-emulsifier or if you need a bit more body to your water based product, try giving this powder go. Not only will it also assist with oil to water emulsions, it has an added benefit of being a mild preservative, which is yet another reason why the food industry uses it in perishable foods. It can reduce foaming / lathering when added at too a high ratio in body washes, so use at a lower percentage in products designed to "foam."

This gum also has a host of topical and internal benefits as well. Many civilizations used it in wound care treatments, because of its "thickening" nature (and anti-bacterial benefits), it created a barrier between the environment and the skin - giving it a chance to heal. So adding this to beauty care recipes, you will get a two fold benefit of its thickening power plus a few added bonuses.

This powder is food grade quality and can be used for any sort of cooking needs.  Agitate into cold water for best results.  This item is pre-hydrated, and agglomerated to give quick results with virtually no lumps.  Unbleached: which means your finished product may discolor to a tan to brown, depending upon the concentration used.

INCI: Acacia sp.  (Also known as Gum Arabic Powder, which is the exact same product).

Cultivation 100% Pure and Natural
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