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Stearic Acid

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This easy to use wax holds a variety of uses for the home soaper and candle maker. Cosmetic grade, vegetable based and in flake form.

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Widely used in the cosmetic and food industry stearic acid acts as a binding and thickening agent between oil and water. It is not a stand alone emulsifying agent, but rather an ingredient used in conjunction with another emulsion agent, like SCG or emulsifying wax, to create one heck of a quality lotion.  Your formulation doesn't NEED to have stearic acid in it, but it will help provide body, texture and impart a visual pearl like presentation to your finished product.  I like to add this at about a 3-4% ratio ... I've noticed that going beyond that, the stearic acid generally leaves behind a waxy like feel on the surface of the skin that you don't get when added at a lower ratio.

In cold process or melt & pour soap recipes, you can add a small amount of stearic acid.  It will help provide your bar with a harder finished texture.  For melt & pours, keep at a very low ratio - generally 1/2 tsp. per pound of soap.  The more you add beyond that - the lathering ability of the soap will begin to decrease.  Also used in candle making for the same purposes: to harden the candle for a slower burn / longer life.

Our stearic acid is derived from palm oil - it is not a synthetically produced product.

INCI: Palm Stearic Acid NF

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